Fire Department Cookoff

Belleville Fire Department Local 29

Belleville Local 29

Carteret Fire Department Local 67

Chef: Jason Lombardi/In memory of Mark A. Virag

Sous Chefs: Brendan Rhodes, Jason Kurdyla, Rob Pogoerzelski

“We Love to Cook and Eat!”

Clifton Fire Department Local 21

Chef Timothy Flynn

Sous Chef(s) John Beard, Andrew Intili, Thomas Slanina

Flynn attended the Culinary Institute of America from 1991-1993 and worked at several restaurants including Ken Marcottte Restaurant where he was a Sous chef from 1993-1995. He joined the CFD in 1996.

Cranford Fire Department Local 37


Chef Mike Jediny

Chef John Dillon

Chef Tom Hannen

Chef Matt Steitz



 Elizabeth Fire Department Local 9

Chef: Dennis Connor

Sous Chefs: Gregg Lasparta, Tim Mulroy, Nick Sisk

4th Year Competing. We have over 50 yrs of combined cooking in the firehouse.

Harrison Township Fire Department Local 22


Harrison Firefighters Eric Hausmann, Frank Cupo and Louis Mastellone

All work together on the same shift which lends itself to a good working comrodery in the firehouse kitchen.

 Frank and Eric together share executive and assistant chef duties and Lou is the kitchen sous chef and often helps with the hardest decision of the day, “what to cook”.



Hillside Fire Department Local 35


Linden Fire Department Local 34

Long Branch Fire Department Local 68

Skip Cioffi, Nick Saffioti, Kieran Slattery, Tim Philips

FF Henry “Skip” Cioffi has been on the job since 2004. He last participated in Cooked and Uncorked in 2013 where Long Branch impressed the crowd with a fantastic Chicken Tequila Burrito.  Skip’s first foray into cooking for a crowd came with professional training in making fresh pizza under the direction Tony Chiafullo of Famous Tony’s Tomato Pies of Long Branch.  Skip has gone on to prepare firehouse renown dishes over his long career. We are excited to have Chef Cioffi leading our team in 2016 and look forward to a spirited event.

Maplewood Fire Department Local 25

Millburn Fire Department Local 32


Chef Name: F/F David Hammond

Sous Chefs: F/F Vito D’Andrea, F/F Edgar Echavarria, B/C Scott Latona

2015 was Millburn FD’s first time competing and placed third in the gourmet category.  F/F Hammond has been involved in a number of competitions and only hopes his passion for cooking lands Millburn in the top three yet again.




Montclair Fire Department Local 20

image1From left to right consists of Bill Roth, TJ Hargraves, and Tim Mcloughlin. All 3 are the “house chefs” of their current assignments which is where they do the most of their cooking. Bill Roth has taken numerous culinary classes and took first place in a contest for his famous meatballs. TJ and Tim picked up most of their skills through trial and error in the firehouse kitchen. They are going to be taking on a new challenge being placed in the gourmet category, but will definitely not let down. They plan on starting off MFD’s participation into Cooked and Uncorked with a bang!




New Brunswick Fire Department Local 17

New Brunswick

New Brunswick Fire Department Local 217

Nutley Fire Department Local 44

Paterson Fire Department Local 2

Captain Jason Macones

Jason has been a Firefighter with the Paterson Fire Department since 2006. He is currently assigned to Engine Company #4 as the Captain. He graduated from the French Culinary Institute in 2001 in NYC.

Firefighter Ken Jeltema

Firefighter Ken Jeltema has been on the Paterson Fire Department for four years.  He is currently assigned to Ladder 1, which is housed with Engine 1.  Since his first shift out of the academy, he has enjoyed cooking for and experimenting on the 12 firefighters he works with.  He has no formal culinary training, but feeding his four kids gives him plenty of experience.  Firefighter Jeltema served in the US Air Force for over 8 years on active duty and is a graduate of the University of Maryland.

Firefighter Sean Duffy

Sean has been a Firefighter with the Paterson Fire Department since 2006. He is currently assigned to Ladder 2. Sean is the Chef/Owner of Duffy’s Tavern in Paterson NJ.

Firefighter Mike Payne

Mike has been a Firefighter with the Paterson Fire Department since 2013. He is Currently Assigned to Rescue Co 2. Mike is a Decent cook, expert eater, and anything is better deep fried or wrapped in bacon.

Firefighter Mike Oates

Mike Has been a paterson firefighter since 6/14/10, presently on Ladder 2.  Oates has worked in the food and beverage industry for over 20 years.  Starting in a small family owned Deli, to numerous restaurants.  Finally the past 10 years with strong wine influence.  As a wine consultant for a wine boutigue, to a server at a Bin 14 Trattoria and wine bar in hoboken. 

Plainfield Fire Department Local 7


Plainfield team is lead by Chef Jujuan Jones, a 25 year veteran of the Fire Division and FMBA. He is an award winning chef who has competed in “Men Who Cook’ for the last 16 years. In that competition, Jujuan has won 1st place 12 times and finished in the top 3 places four times.

Jujuan has won 1st place in “So You Think You Can BBQ?” in Plainfield, and he is also quoted the “Rib King” in the City of Plainfield.

His team is calle “Red Birds’, which includes Inspector Rudi Davis, 32yr veteran, F/F Alvin Downing, 24yr veteran, and Retired B/C Steve Mills, a 30yr veteran.

Rahway Fire Department Local 33

Chef Dan Martin

Chef Robert Dianno

Chef Scott McCarthy

Chef Gerald Vaughn

Roselle Fire Department Local 55


The team from the Roselle Fire Department is composed of Head Chef David Sheekey, Sous Chef Christopher Laba, Sous Chef Claudio Ramirez and new addition to the team Sous Chef Rick Myers.  Sheekey, Laba and Ramirez are the original members of the team that entered their first Cooked and Uncorked in 2012 and won 1st Place.  This year, with the addition of Myers, they look to continue to bring flavorful firehouse fare with a flair to this year’s competition.  They are looking for to another night of good food and good friends, both old and new, to celebrate the two great causes:  The St. Barnabas Burn Foundation and the New Jersey State FMBA.  Buon appetito!

Trenton Fire Department Local 6


Chef Name: Jeff Korchick

Sous Chef Name(s): Kevin Beyrouty , Naseeb Washington , Joe Szabo





Union Fire Department Local 46


Chef Henry Sisbarro III

Chef Thomas Holder

Chef Michael Davitt

Chef Gunther Guerra





Attention Cook-Off Participants: Please Download and return the Cooking Team Information Form

These guys really know how to “put fire to good use”!